A collection of links to radio and podcast episodes (in English) with a mathematics bent — to inspire teachers to inspire, to feed the minds of our young mathematicians in the making, or, simply, to entertain.  Programmes have been (loosely) categorised as shown below, and arranged alphabetically within each category by programme title.


For a list of links to the programmes from which episodes have been included in this selection, click here.  I also provide a list of links to a selection of other, solely maths-focused podcasts at the bottom of this page (click here).  Because their sole focus is on mathematics, I have not collated respective episodes of the podcasts in the thematic lists below.  


The History of Mathematics
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The People of Mathematics
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The Mathematics Itself
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Making Sense of things with Mathematics
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Making Sense of Things with Statistics
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Teaching of Mathematics & the Mathematical Mind
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Other Mathematical Curios
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The collection includes:
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  1. Select episodes from BBC Radio 4 In Our Time 
  2. All episodes from BBC Radio 4 Marcus du Sautoy's A Brief History of mathematics
  3. All episodes from BBC Radio 4 Marcus du Sautoy's Five Shapes
  4. All episodes from BBC Radio 4 Simon Singh's Five Numbers
  5. All episodes from BBC Radio 4 Simon Singh's Another Five Numbers
  6. All episodes from BBC Radio 4 Simon Singh's A Further Five Numbers
  7. Select episodes from BBC Radio 4 The Infinite Monkey Cage
  8. All episodes from BBC Radio 4 A History of the Infinite
  9. Select episodes from BBC Radio 4 More Or Less
  10. Select episodes from BBC Radio 4 Great Lives
  11. Select episodes from BBC World Service More Or Less
  12. Select episodes from BBC Radio 4 Seriously
  13. Select episodes from BBC Radio 4 Incarnations: India in Fifty Lives
  14. Select episodes from BBC Radio 4 Start the Week
  15. Select episodes from BBC Radio 4 The Life Scientific
  16. Other programs from BBC Radio, including: Chinese CharactersDavid Baddiel Tries to UnderstandThe Curious Cases of Rutherford and FryGood Luck Professor SpiegelhalterHow to Teach MathsMaths and MagicMusic Matters
  17. Select episodes from The Partially Examined Life podcast
  18. Select episodes from Futility Closet podcast
  19. Select episodes from Freakonomics podcast
  20. Select episodes from Radiolab podcast
  21. Select episodes from Teach Better podcast
  22. Select episodes from Modern Learners podcast
  23. Select episodes from Plus Magazine podcasts
  24. Select episodes from The Guardian's Science Weekly podcast
  25. Select episodes from The Naked Scientists podcast
  26. Select episodes from The NCETM Maths podcast
  27. Select episodes from The James Altucher Show podcast
  28. Select episodes from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and BBC Radio Oxford Funbers 
  29. Select episodes from Things Fall Apart podcast
  30. Select episodes from The Zone of Potential Construction podcast
  31. Select episodes from Sean Carroll's Mindscape podcast
  32. Select episodes from Alan Alda's Clear and Vivid podcast
  33. Select episodes from the Big Picture Science show produced at the SETI Institute
  34. Select episodes from The Stephen Wolfram podcast
  35. Select episodes from Quanta magazine podcasts

A selection of some other maths-focused podcasts:
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  • Funbers, by @tomrocksmaths with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and BBC Radio Oxford.  A podcast looking at numbers closely to reveal some fun facts about them.
  • Math Ed, by Samuel Otten University of Missouri.  Interviews with mathematics education researchers about recent studies.
  • Mathematically Speaking podcast, a podcast that explores mathematics, mathematical philosophy and how that relates to the real world and our lives through the history of maths.
  • More or Less, from BBC Radio 4, with Tim Harford and the More or Less team trying to make sense of the statistics which surround us.
  • Plus Magazine podcast, a podcast of the online magazine that aims to introduce listeners to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics.
  • The Numberphile podcast, where Brady Haran talks with mathematicians involved in the wonderful Numberphile videos in more depth


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